Video Pins: How to Create Engaging Content for Pinterest

Video Pins: How to create engaging videos for pinterest

Want to make yourself stand out with engaging content but not sure on the best way to create video pins?

Video is all the rage, as it should be, and if you haven’t jumped on the train of the 1 billion videos watched per day on Pinterest you are missing out.

Here is your tutorial on how to integrate video into your Pinterest strategy:

Advantages of Video Pins

  • According to Pinterest, more than 1 billion videos are viewed on Pinterest every day. That means people are being exposed to so many more companies, products, etc. via video pins than ever before.
  • Video pins also help to add some action to your storytelling.
    • Our eyes are programmed to follow things that move, so we’re much more inclined to pay attention if there’s a video component involved. If you’re using video pins to advertise your product, you can be sure that you’ll attract a ton more viewers than the average ad.
  • Videos posted on social media platforms generate 1200% more engagement than video and text posts combined. The numbers are the same on Pinterest. So, if you’re not using video pins to advertise your products and services, what are you even doing?

Here's how to make an engaging video and how to maximize the video format to sell your product:

Let's talk through:

  • How video pins work
  • Length of your videos
  • Video Specs
  • How to publish your video pin
  • How to plan out your video pin

How Video Pins Work

A video pin is a pin that includes a video or stop motion photos.

These pins will play automatically on a user’s feed, with no need to click them or scroll over them. This means that the more eye-catching you can make your video the better.

There are two types of video pins on Pinterest. Video Pins and Idea pins. The main difference is that:

  1. A Video Pin is uploaded as a pin and links directly to a hyperlink
  2. An Idea Pin can include video segments, however does not directly link to a hyperlink.

Sizing Length of Video Pins

You want your video pin to look as good as possible so that it draws attention.

Video pins can show up on a user’s feed, on the “following” tab, or on search results pages. Therefore, you want to make sure that it’s the perfect size and length for optimal viewing on any page.

Pinterest settings allow you to upload a video that’s anywhere from 4 seconds to 15 mins long.

The ideal length may vary depending on your messaging or what you're selling.

  • A shorter video (4 secs-1 min) might be the best option, as it makes it more memorable and more watchable.
  • If you’re trying to communicate a larger message, you will probably want a longer video (2 mins-7 mins).
    • Example: If you’re a chef selling easy, no-fuss recipes, you could upload a video of you at the various stages of preparation for the meal. That way viewers get a clear sense of everything that goes into the process.

**Insider Tip: The video pins that normally get promoted by Pinterest are typically between 6-15 seconds long. Keep your videos short to increase visibility.

Other basic Pinterest specs include:
  • A 1:1 ratio for square video pins and 2:3 or 9:16 for vertical video pins
  • Maximum of 2 GB per video
  • Use mov, .mp4, .or .m4v file types

How to Publish Your Video Pin

Publishing a video pin is super easy. Just follow the steps you would usually take to post a pin on your Pinterest business account. Don't have one yet? Find out how to open and optimize your Pinterest profile for business.

  1. When it comes time to upload, select a video file.

2. You’ll be prompted to set a cover image.

3. Review the rest of your pin before publishing.

How to Plan out Your Video Pins for Increased Engagement

Video Pins: How to create engaging videos for pinterest

With a limited video length, you would want to maximize every millisecond to make your pins stand out. Remember to keep it simple and digestible.

Here are some of the basic concepts to align to before you publish your video pin:

  • Topic: Have a clear idea of what your pin is about and what its purpose is before you post.
    • The goal is to take a larger problem or issue and break it down into smaller, more solvable solutions. Keep that in mind as you plan your pin and you can’t go wrong!
  • Key Takeaway: Make the viewer walk away with useful information about your product/s and how you can help them.
  • The Flow: Map out the beginning, middle, and end of your video pin so that it tells a story.
  • Call to Action (CTA): Encourage your viewer to check out your website, download a freebie, register for a course.

**Insider Tip:

  • Work backwards to get a better idea of what you want to say in the video.
  • Start with what you want the viewer to do.
  • Whether they subscribe to your email list or join your webinar, it's important to begin with the call-to-action.**

The 4 Video Pins Commandments

Don't worry if you’re new to video or aren’t as comfortable with the format. You don’t have to be a master of three point lighting or gestalt to make an effective video pin.

It’s all about learning the basics of what a good video pin should have and working from there.

1. Give the people some action!

The whole point of making a video pin vs. a normal pin is that the video pin is eye-catching and dynamic. That said, no one is going to stick around to watch a boring video.

You want to include some action in your video to make it more appealing and hold your audience’s attention for longer. You need a strong actionable subject to keep people engaged.

2. Ideas & options to Heighten Engagement

  • Tutorials/Inspo videos
Video Pins: How to create engaging videos for pinterest

Pinterest data suggests that people like to watch videos that inspire them or teach them to do something.

Think of your pin as a mini-tutorial or inspirational clip that can relate a process or concept in a short amount of time.

  • Stop-motion videos

Stop-motion is a unique style of filming in which you take a series of photos and string them together to create the appearance of movement.

It is good to make use of text overlay to demonstrate gradual growth/development over time.

  • Gif-videos

So, the one downside of video pins is that they don’t just keep playing over and over again in a viewer’s feed. If the video is short and concise, it might not have enough impact on the first watch to draw in the viewer.

But, luckily there’s a quick solution: gifs!

We know and love gifs for letting us relive the funniest moments from our favorite films, TV shows, and viral videos, but they can also be a great marketing tool. In this case, they’re perfect for using as video pins because they allow for your videos to play on a loop, thus continually replaying on your viewer’s feed.

Another great thing about gifs is you can combine a lot of different video styles to make the optimal pin for your needs. For one product you could make a short tutorial or inspo video that plays repeatedly on a loop and for another you could use the stop-motion video style within a gif to create a snappy ad that makes a strong visual impression.

3. Nail the thumbnail

Video Pins: How to create engaging videos for pinterest

How can you make your pins stand out?

Even though it’s a video pin, you still have to upload a starting image for the video to revert back to when it ends (if it’s not on replay like a gif.)

This is where you need to get creative to make yourself stand-out.

Some strategies you can use to stand out:

  • bold colors
  • interesting designs
  • filters
  • minimalism

The key is to make sure that whatever you choose is catching and holding your viewer’s focus.

**Insider Tip: The Pinterest Gods use these cover images to decide what sorts of pins to recommend users based on their searches. Make sure your cover photo is representative of your product and isn’t super complex or cryptic.**

4. Most People Watch Video with Sound Off

Most people browse Pinterest with the sound off, so focusing on the visuals should be your priority. Wanna know more about how to optimize your Pinterest profile? Click here!

If your pin is fully dependent on sound, it’s likely your viewer will miss the point.

Add appropriate graphics, captions, and text overlays on your pins in addition to the audio elements.

How to Include the Ideal Pinterest Elements in Your Pin

Pinterest Titles

Pinterest limits titles to 100 characters. That said, keep it short and to the point.

Use keywords and rock it out.

Pinterest Descriptions

Pinterest allots 500 characters for your description. This gives you have a bit more legroom to expound on what you and your products are all about.

  • Keep your description concise and keyword rich.
  • Use keywords specific to your industry that will make it more visible in search engines.
  • Capture their attention with the first few words of your description. It will be visible to them before they click on your pin.
Video Pins: How to create engaging videos for pinterest

Final Thoughts

Just remember to stay true to your brand and keep on keeping on! Pinterest is all about nurturing your audience.

When you deliver the answers to what they are searching for in a format they want to receive it, the chances of them buying from you will be higher.

If you want some more tips for marketing on Pinterest -- like how to craft the perfect viral pins --check out the Viral Pin BluePrint Masterclass and learn how to create scroll stopping content and lead magnets that will convert those clicks into warm email subscribers! It won't disappoint, promise!

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