2024 Money-Making Black Friday Promotion Sale Ideas for Coaches & Creatives


2024 Black Friday Promotions for Coaches

You know you need to do something for Black Friday, something easy, something amazing, but you’re not sure where to start. Your customers' awareness is heightened on Black Friday and days to come. People are looking for deals and their awareness is heightened & ready to buy! Here are 8 Black Friday Promotional Ideas for you to make quick.

Here are 8 ways that you can make money this Black Friday!

Pro tip: Send out a teaser email that you’re going to be releasing some thing big on Black Friday. Start talking about a topic relevant to what you are promoting....Get that audience rev'ed up!

1. Flash Sale Bundle

  • A flash sale bundle is a couple of offerings an offered at a slash rate for one day.
  • A flash sale happens in a shortened duration of time. A bundle is when you take multiple offerings and put them together with a base retail price.
  • People love flash sales as long as they don't happen 24/7. When flash sales are rare events they give customers that extra sense of urgency to buy right now.

A benefit of holding a flash sale is that it creates FOMO, fear of missing out.

This type of special is great for something with a high amount of inventory with a margin that can be reduced.

PRO TIP: As a service-based provider the margin is truly your time, so I do not recommend putting a high-ticket program on a flash sale unless it's a really really small window of time. This should be a 5K or less program. Also, be sure to cap the amount available.

If you are a course provider and have more than one course within your product suite, consider bundling two or more of them and selling that for a better price than if someone were to purchase each of the courses individually. You can always package it up with a little holiday flair.

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2. Create a series of trainings and charge one low cost for access to all of them

Another way to build excitement is to create a series of trainings and charge one price for access to each. This can set your expectation on the attendance of your training, while building excitement for your brand.

Create a series of trainings and charge one low cost for access to all of them. These could be pre-recorded or you could do them live. One key consideration is that you have an opportunity to upsell them when you do this live.

3. Do a collaboration / partner up with another provider who aligns with your brand.

Do a collab and partner up with another provider who aligns with your brand. Maybe you provide the service and they provide the products then split the proceeds.

  • The benefit is that it will associate your brand with an aligned brand, highlighting what is important to you that you want for your customer, while giving them a exposure to another offering.
    • An example might be a collaboration between a journal company and a coach.

Another unique way to do this is to purchase a product as the service provider and then say to your customer any particular service book today or choose a specific service that will receive this product.

Or leverage another non-competitive provider to compliment your services such as a copywriter and a coach collab or a health coach and fitness guru!

Black Friday promotional ideas. It is the best time to focus on what you can control and that is what you put out there into the universe.

4. Email challenge

Create an email challenge series that people pay for upfront.

Email courses and challenges attract a relevant audience by tapping into our desire to learn, achieve goals, feel accomplished and connect with a purpose.

An email course is a series of auto emails that deliver content to the subscriber.

With an email course you don't have to pay for extra software, you just send the lessons to their inbox.

In this case you would be charging for an email course, however you can also use it as a lead magnet to invite lots of people to join your email newsletter.

However, for Black Friday, it makes sense to put it behind a paywall such as PayPal or Stripe where you can monetize this email marketing effort.

  • You could send one email each day for a week or maybe it's one email per week over the course of four weeks.
  • You decide, just be consistent.

An email challenge is similar to an email course in that you're still delivering automated emails, however the purpose is to challenge your audience to accomplish goals and take action.

Both of these will position you in a place of credibility and authority.

5. Offer a simplified version of your service

Create a package that's a small sampling of your service.

  • Take a portion of your course and sell it at a lower rate
  • Offer an assessment of their social media profile
  • Give a little reco on copy
  • Or give them a review of their Facebook page

Simplify and break your services down in their simplest form and you should be able to peak a few eyebrows!

worried you dont have the systems to pull it off?

6. Offer a one time Sale for those that join the waitlist for your program!

If you're looking to ramp up your waitlist for your program, offering a one-time sale for those that join the waitlist today is an excellent option!

It is also a great way to get a clear expectation of interested individuals for your next launch too!

7. Limited-Time Bonus

Not big on discounting? No biggie!

By incentivizing your audience through offering a limited time bonus, you can still charge full price for your offering, however you can throw in added value bonuses.

Some Bonuses could consist of:

  • Personal Coaching
  • Group Coaching
  • Access to a private group
  • Audit of some kind
  • Free product addition
  • Content piece like a PDF or training video

The key here is just to ensure that the value of the additional bonus is such that the customers realize they're getting a great deal.

8. Promote a Charity

This strategy can work for both Black Friday and Giving Tuesday meaning you can extend your promotion for 5 days. By showing your philanthropic cause you are creating positive brand awareness and building positive brand recognition.

Donating a portion of your proceeds is also a win! Tax write off, a do good promo and of course people love it!

Final Thoughts

You don't need fancy systems or even a website to put an offer out there. What you need is to take action! Imperfect Action. Jump on it today friends, and yes a lot of these ideas can also be used throughout the year!

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