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Creating an intentional business matters to you, but one of the biggest mistakes most coaches and creatives make is not fully embodying their worth. If this sounds familiar it’s because maybe you’re selling low to mid-ticket offers rooted in a scarcity mindset that aren’t fully aligned with your purpose.  Whether you’re a coach, creative, healer or conscious soulpreneur, the math is simple... You Need MRR & that is either though selling to more people or raising your prices. 

IT’S TIME YOU create, launch & fill up your high-ticket superpower offer, so you can finally...

  • Become known for your offer, amplifying how you attract your dream clients & build a tactical marketing strategy that expands your organic reach.

  • Charge what your worth, making consistent MRR you can count on EVERY SINGLE month, removing your income ceiling!

  • Approach sales in an intuitive way that feels easy, learning how to sell with zero sleaze and elevated confidence.

 From one Impact driven woman to another…


I see you!

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I’m Kristine, the CEO behind Reinvent Your Hustle. After spending 8 years building someone else’s corporate dream only to abruptly be laid off, I knew something big had to change. 

That's when I created Reinvent Your Hustle. From the ground up I built this space to help other ambitious women scale their dream businesses by charging what they’re worth... And with my proven High-Ticket to Scale Model, I successfully scaled my 6-figure mastermind in just two months. 

Since then, I’ve been on a mission to help female soulpreneurs just like you level up their online businesses, build scalable six-figure revenue streams, and live a life of more freedom on their terms. 

What Our clients have to Say

"Kristine is amazing to work with! She is so knowledgeable and full of authentic inspiration that has helped push me further in my goals. She has given me clarity and clearly identify where I want my business to go in the next ten years. Meeting with her on a regular basis is like a breath of fresh inspiration to get back at it and keep going. Highly recommend!"

Stacey LaCoursiere

Duluth Studio Co. Shop Owner & Photographer

"I set a goal to have a $10k month before July 31st, 2022. As the year progressed, I archived this goal in Trello because a $10k month felt so far away. Turns out that forgotten invoice put me right over my $10k goal -- $10,013 to be exact. I wanted to thank you for pushing me to set goals that were above what I thought I was capable of."

Grace Lemire

Social Media Manager & Content Creator

"I love your program. I did B school where a lot of this was covered but yours.. really hones in on each step in developing & implementing the plan. I feel like I have so much more clarity on what I’m offering, how to convey it to people & a plan to move forward. I love your work & working with you!"

Alexis Nelson

Reiki & Intuitive Health Coach

Kristine Schwartz is an amazing mentor, teacher and friend. This group has felt like my own personal cheer squad over the last year as I've refined my positioning and raised my prices. But I would not have doubled down on the visibility of guesting on podcasts and staring my own without your encouragement and support. 

Kelley Kempel

Brand Packaging Designer

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