High Converting Lead Magnet in 7 Easy Steps

how to create a lead magnet

Learn how to create a lead magnet that your ideal customers will love in 7 simple steps.

Developing a high converting lead magnet allows your potential customer to go on a journey with you and take a sneak peek at what you can do for them. One of the best ways to grow your email list & build an audience that will become your clients is to give them something of value for free, in exchange for their email. People LOVE freebies. Buy one get one free. 30-day free trial. People love to feel like they are cheating the system and getting all that good stuff for the low price of “Free.99.” Let's walk through the essential steps to building that email audience so you can turn them in to happy buyers.

Here are 7 steps to creating a wildly converting lead magnet that will amplify your email list numbers.

Step 1: Create a lead magnet that is relevant to your brand

There’s no hard and fast rule about exactly what your freebie should look like, but make sure that what you are providing will be of value to your target market. Pick one that makes the most sense to your brand and your clients’ needs.

You can opt to create a new offer, or a mini introductory course to your full-blown masterclass, or another main offering.

Taking note of your popular offerings is a good way to figure out what you should base your freebie on.

When thinking about what to offer, consider this:

  1. Where does the customer end their journey with you and work it backwards?
  2. Based on your offer, what is something of value related to your offer that you can give the customer prior to solve a problem?

This requires some research and potential number crunching, but let me assure you, building an incredible freebie is well worth all that effort.

Step 2: Know your audience

Now, it’s not hard to get people to try something for free, but getting the right people to try it is a bit trickier.

You might get a lot of engagement on your morning fitness planner lead magnet, but if you’re not attracting people your ideal customer, then it’s unlikely your freebie will drive people to buy your product.

If you need help getting clear on your target customer, I gotchu. Have a look and then come on back!

Step 3: Speak their language

how to attract your ideal client

The best way to connect with your target audience is to talk to them as if you are one of them.

Put yourself in their shoes and think of what you would want to hear if you were them.

Conducting a market research survey, jumping on the phone with your ideal customer avatar (ICA's) & observing how they talk, and taking notes on a networking call are also helpful. Be sure to use those exact words so you can resonate with your customers.

Not only will they resonate with you and what you are saying, but it will also build your credibility as your clients will see that you’re a person just like them who understands the way they think without using your tech speak or business jargon.

Step 4: Identify their pain points

Do you know what people like even more than free stuff? Free stuff that solves their problems and makes their lives easier.

Appealing directly to your clients’ problems and using buzzwords that hit on their main pain points shows your prospective clients that you understand their wants and needs and you’re designing products to fill those gaps.

The best way to identify pain points is to research your clients, what they do, what their common struggles are, and what kind of opportunities they usually seek.

Here are a couple of ways to do that:

  • Go through Facebook groups and see what people are complaining about or what they’re asking advice on.
  • Use those comments and any solutions offered to reverse engineer the questions that your clients are asking themselves. “Why am I not getting more likes on Instagram? How can I fill more seats at my webinar? How can I speed up the hiring process and also make sure I’m hiring the right people for my company?”

When you understand what your clients want, it’s easy to create an ad with keywords and phrases that will draw your ideal clients in. Click here to learn how to build your Ideal Customer Avatar.

Step 5: Provide solutions to some of their problems (not all)

Make sure that your clients know that you understand them AND that you are willing and able to help them with your products/offers. For example,

  • Show them that you know how to “exponentially increase audience engagement,”
  • you’re an expert on “selling out webinars,”
  • or that you hold the “keys to quick and effective hiring.”


While you want to show people you can help them, you don’t want to solve all of their problems.. Otherwise, that doesn’t help drive profit or pull people towards your products.



One way to do this is to offer a solution to a problem that can serve as a free trial to one of your products/services.

Maybe you provide step one of a 4 step process...

If their problem is sales, maybe you solve the hardest part...

Maybe you speak to the problem and solve it from a high level, giving them the main points, but your offer digs deeper into each one of them.

**The key is to make sure that you’re solving some of their problems, but also leaving room for them to realize that they need more of your help. This is where you can transition out of your freebie and into your profit-driving products & services.

Offer a paid small offer after a successful freebie & start driving home the value of your products and services. That way you can draw them in to explore more what you have to offer so they can get all of the solutions they need all in one place.

Step 6: Promote your lead magnet on social media

With social media, you’ve got dozens of highly effective channels at your disposal to get your freebie out there. One of the most effective ways to get traction on your freebies is through Pinterest.


Unlike other social media, Pinterest functions very much like a search engine. It allows users to search for content and supplies hundreds of results straight away. You want to make sure that you’re one of those results. Want to learn how to optimize your Pinterest Business Account? Click here.

  • Use keywords in the titles and body of your pins.
  • Keep it concise but packed with useful information. “Free Ten Minute Morning Routine Guide for Full Body Realignment” would be perfect for wellness gurus looking to attract some clients seeking realignment.
  • Make sure to link your freebies to your business homepage, website, or other social media. That way users can easily connect your name and company to the freebie and discover more of your products/services with just a few clicks.

Step 6: Hook Opt-ins to your lead magnet

One of the best tactics for bringing users to your site and building your email list is to link your pins to specific blog posts discussing the pain points or problems that the lead magnet is aimed at.

Ideally, you’ve piqued enough interest with your freebie that the user is looking for more answers to their problems and will scroll through your blog. That’s when you hit them with the opt-ins.

  • Offer some options to “opt-in” to different services like an email list, text chain, or post update alerts so that they can stay up to date on all of the content you’re creating.

Keep in mind that not all leads prefer receiving email newsletters. This is why it’s important to know your ideal customer and what they like or don’t like, before choosing this opt-in option.

Step 7: Nail the follow-up

Now that they’ve got them on your blog post, email list, text chain, or whatnot, you have to make sure to follow up on your messaging.

You need to make sure that they know how you can help them solve their problems and that you can do it right away.

  • Show them your next offer straight away.
  • Ideas may include:
    • A discount on your upcoming webinar
    • A low price extension to your freebie, etc.
    • Whatever your next offer you want to make it quick, easy, and enticing.
    • Use a website pop-up like “Sign-up now for 20% off” or “20% for members of our email list, join now!”

Once they join or buy your product, you just have to make sure to keep them hooked, offering more and more products and services to help them solve their problems.

Next Steps: You're all set!

Just like that, you can create a lead magnet that actually converts to sales or opt-ins. By knowing your audience, using the Pinterest algorithm to your advantage, and offering some irresistible opt-ins, you can grow your email list of ideal clients have them ready and willing to buy your products/services.

What's Next?

Not sure on what those offers should be and what your value ladder looks like yet?

Ready to rock your funnel, but not sure which of all the marketers out there you can trust? Been there, would love to help you start creating offers that actually bring money into your bank account so you can start getting that time freedom with your kiddos, the hubs and travel when you want. Click here to schedule a little coffee chat!

High Converting Lead Magnet in 7 easy steps

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