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For Entrepreneurs ready to embrace the vibrant energy of Summer and nurture the seeds planted from spring into abundance. 

Summer brings the essence abundance & light, it's a time to embrace vibrant energy while nurturing the seeds planted in spring within yourself & your entrepreneurial journey. The Summer Meditation Box will connect you to the balance of persistence & play, helping you to embrace the vitality of Summer connections while re-aligning to your inner wisdom 

Inside you will receive our Paddy Wax's Cactus & Fern Candle, an Sodalite Tumbled Stone, a Glass Cactus Jar of Matches, a Design Works Radiant Sun Block Journal, a Created Everyday Cold & Hot Tumbler, Prosperity Affirmation Cards: a 50 Card Deck to step into your power and manifest abundance plus a curated summer prayer, an intentionally designed affirmation card and meditation Spotify playlist.

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Product Details
Bottle of Matches
Light a pretty spark with this luxurious bottle full of white matches, adorned with an illustration of a garden of prickly pear cacti in bloom. This square glass bottle contains about (80) 2" safety matches with plain white tips, perfect for lighting candles. A clear label adorned with prickly pear cactus adorns the front, and a generous striker strip is conveniently hidden on the back side.
Grand Canyon National Park Scented Candle
Bring the wild beauty of the Grand Canyon into your home with this scented candle. Featuring a crackling wood wick and cherry wood dustcover, it captures the park's essence with notes of Cactus Flower and Fern. Includes a visitor's guide to the park. 

Ochre Radiant Sun Block Journal 
Embrace creativity with this journal. The Ochre Radiant Sun Block Journal With Pocket not only boasts a delightful gold geometric design but also provides a soft, tactile experience with its sueded paper cover. With lined interior pages featuring day and month headers, it's the ideal companion for all your writing, note-taking, and book journaling adventures.
Everyday Tumbler, 16oz
Top it up! No one wants to run out of creative juice. Designed to help you pull long hours (whether work or play), this tumbler was designed for the long-haul.
Sodalite Crystal 
The ability to unite logic with intuition and the drive for truth with the rise of idealism. Practitioners have used sodalite to organize the mind, as it's said to promote rational thought, objectivity and perception. It is sometimes thought to cleanse lymph nodes and boost the immune system.
Prosperity Affirmation Cards - 50 Card Deck
Get inspired to step into your power and manifest abundance with our Prosperity Affirmations Deck. 
These affirmations are designed to help you: Upgrade your thoughts, Attract the prosperity and abundance of your dreams, Explore new depths of your spirit &Feel radiant and empowered 
Embrace your potential and transform your life with these powerful affirmations.
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All shipments are dispatched on the 15th of the upcoming month.

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