Pockets of Pause and 
little doses of Woo

Who we are...

Hi, I'm Kristine Schwartz, I'm the founder of Refined Ritual and Reinvent Your Hustle and I'm so excited you're here. I've always had a passion for spirituality, but it wasn't until I started my business that I truly understood the importance of self-awareness and alignment to our higher selves. 

Through trauma and transition I found medtiation and spirituality to be immensely healing, a immersive way to ground my actions as I grew my business. As a service-based coach, I saw so many of my clients struggling to  balance their hustle and their spiritual journey. 

Most of the entrepreneurs I spoke with felt unfulfilled, disconnected from their inner wisdom, and were seeking more clarity in their businesses. Enter Refined Ritual, a safe space for entrepreneurs to step further into their intuition, create more abundace in their world and heighten their connection to spirituality.

What we do...

At Refined Ritual, we curate modern subscription-based meditation boxes crafted for entrepreneurs craving more alignment. Each box contains tools and rituals to help you find balance and connect with your inner wisdom. From crystals and lux candles to guided prayers and affirmations, every quarter you receive a box that contains a transformation designed to help you tap into your intuition and cultivate a sense of calm in the midst of your business hustle. 

We believe entrepreneurship doesn't have to be a lonely journey, and we're here to help you become a more embodied ceo, confidently rising into that divinely aligned entrepreneur you are destined to be. Thank you for joining us on this journey of self-discovery and personal growth, we are honored to support you stepping into your most abundant self! 

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