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  • It can be a tax write-off for your business. Ask your accountant if that works for you. 
  • By subscribing now, your reserving that quarter's seasonal meditation box. For example, if you place your order in January, you're reserving the seasonal box for winter.  
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What our subscribers are saying

I purchased this as a gift for one of my clients. She absolutely loved it! She is pulling her tarot cards every morning and journaling about what she learns. I also have a box, which I really love.

Melissa Dressely

Gorgeous and much needed in this phase of my entrepreneurial journey. Perfect in every way!

Jeanette Yates

I absolutely LOVE my box, what an amazing gift to myself! The products are high quality and high vibe. It is a great box that gives you affirmations, playlists, and more. Everything has made my meditation practice easier and more enjoyable! I recommend this 100 times over!!!!

Anneliese Fish

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