Working remote: How to live your best life and get the job of your dreams!

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Some of us want money, some of us want freedom, most want both. The new normal in the workforce is leveraging telecommunication to save companies on cost and recruit stellar talent. Remote working teams are not a new thing and have been becoming more common over the last fifteen years. It's no wonder that people are gravitating toward the, “work from home” trend. If your interested in working remote and learning how to live your best life, then your in the right place. Let's see to it that you know the in's and outs of getting the job of your dreams!

Working remote: How to live your best life and get the job of your dreams!

If you want to ditch the 9-5, have the freedom to work from home in your pj's, reduce your commute to zero, and have the ability to be flexible in your work schedule, then you have come to the right place. Here we will talk about what remote work is, where to find remote work, freelance opportunities to work from home, what the heck a digital nomad is and how to become one.

What is Remote Work

Remote work is the ability to work from anywhere with your computer and an internet connection while getting paid for it. Imagine your office is wherever you would like it to be.

Picture a life of where you wake up in the morning and you’re not in a rush, there is no worry about getting to the office on time. You are able to take your time and begin to answer emails in your pj’s if you so desire.

Whether you’re looking to find a career at a company, or your looking to start your own blog or website there are many opportunities waiting for you. You just need to know where to look.

For the purposes of this discussion we will be talking about remote work, however if you want more on the tools you need to start your own website click here.

Where to Find Remote Work

To become location independent, one must first assess their skills and current position to determine if working remote is feasible or if you may need to acquire new skills.

From there Remote Year’s CEO recommends one first should look internally within your current company to see if they are able to transition their role into remote work or through networking ask your known associates what remote work they know of.


Begin networking by leveraging your social media networks and asking your network if they are aware of any remote positions available. From there dive deeper into your Linkedin network. Search jobs that match the term, “remote” on Linkedin.

You can also search Facebook groups that will provide discussions regarding remote work and that may share job opportunities. Click here to learn more about how to leverage Facebook groups for your job search.

Here are some places to start:

Remote Job Boards

Remote job boards are essentially job boards that provide job openings that are remote. Organized by job function and then most likely by country, there are hundreds of postings per day, however competition is ripe. It is easy to understand why jobs on these job boards are highly sought after as the allure of living a life with more freedom is a highly desired job trait.

Job Boards: Where to Look

Begin looking for remote work within the following job boards:

Many companies feature remote positions on their company websites as well, however if you go this needle in a haystack approach, be prepared that it may take some time.

Narrow down your search criteria to attain companies within your particular industry and their availability of remote work.

Get specific on job titles and levels. Try looking at postings on or and filter by “remote.”

Start to curate your list by saving job opportunities in a spreadsheet, you may want to look for growing companies, or those in particular that appeal to your values and ethics.

Option to Freelance

Another way to work remotely is to take on a freelancing career where you are able to work remotely as an independent contractor.

There are many businesses and start-ups looking to hire individuals as it is easier for them to not accrue more employees on their payroll or on location.

For a list of hustle hacks and more types of opportunities to freelance click here.

Types of Freelance

Honestly if you are well versed in a particular skill that can be done online, over a computer and / or have reasonable technical skills then you on point to lending your services in the freelance world. Keep in mind, working as an independent contractor means that you are responsible for your taxes, health insurance and retirement plan. Becoming a freelancer provides you with the freedom and flexibility to work remotely from anywhere in the world, but can be taxing in the regard of paying the additional expenses.

Below are the many common types of freelance positions that are in high demand:

  • Web Designer
  • Web App Developer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Fashion Designer
  • Writer
  • Copywriter
  • Editor
  • Project Manager
  • IT specialist
  • Customer Service
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Accounting
  • Teaching
  • Tutoring
  • Photography
  • Social Media management and so much more...

Where to find freelance jobs?

Freelance positions are commonly posted on sites like and By creating a profile and a portfolio featuring your work and experience you will be entering yourself into the market of entrepreneurs and small business owners looking for their ideal candidate. Be aware of the competitive nature of these sites as there has been a common theme of experienced individuals dropping their rates in order to get job opportunities. You can have both, you just need the proven experience to back it up.

Another option is working with a recruitment agency to find placement. Large companies look to agencies to recruit freelancers to work for them, both onsite and remotely. Click here to learn more on how to approach recruitment agencies for freelance work.

What is a Digital Nomad and How to Become One?

A digital nomad is a person working from their laptop in a place other than an office. All you need is an internet connection, a computer and the right skill-set. Some may have a home base and some may not. Often you may find an individual traveling the world, working from their laptops. This life seems appealing for some and the opportunity to travel is a major benefit, however enabling a home base provides stability and that will potentially be a trade-off dependent on individual choices.

In order to become a free roaming digital nomad, you will need a steady stream of clients and income to support your lifestyle. All that said, it doesn't happen over night and may take upwards of a year or so to be comfortable enough to transition fully.

You can do this!

If you can be patient, willing to put in the work to acquire clients and or continuously search for remote opportunities while building up your portfolio / skill-set you will be able to make the digital nomad life happen. Click here to see the highest rated cities for digital nomads.

Manifest your vision

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Start your own blog

Thinking about starting your own business? If you are looking to start your own blog it can become a lucrative option to allow you to become a remote worker.

Contrary to what some may say, blogging is not dead and there are so many options to acquire passive income through starting your own website. Not sure on where to start? Download my free guide to finding your niche!

Whether you are looking to start your own business, freelance or find a remote position, acquiring the freedom to live on your own terms is so worth it. Best of luck future digital nomads! For more on creating your own side hustle and living in the freedom you deserve check out my blog post here: 30 Hustle Hacks: Start Your Side Hustle Today!

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