Entrepreneur Mindset…How to Raise Your Vibe to Attract Success

Entrepreneur mindset, how to raise your vibe to attract success

It’s all too easy to fall into the shitty mindset trap. In both life and in business, there are always areas that are lacking. The key is to be aware of your thoughts, the perceptions that create your reality, and to live in an abundance mindset rather than coming from a place of lack. Understanding how the Law of Attraction works will give you a grasp on the activities that you can start to incorporate into your day to day to give you optimum benefits. In order to be successful in business you need to raise your vibe and embrace this special blend of mindset shifts, while curating a sustainable growth strategy.

The Mindset Trap

When you are running a business, we commonly find ourselves in a space where we feel powerless over one resource or another. We may not be making as much money as we would like, have the clients, the tools, the flexibility, or we may just be frustrated with the process.

You may have the feeling that given the way your life is at the moment; there are some things that just cannot be changed or helped. It can be real easy to let the negative mindset and doubt creep in.

When it comes to growing your business, I want to challenge you to think a bit differently, start raising your vibe, and opening yourself up to the possibilities in front of you.

Okay, so what is, “raising your vibe,” exactly?

Vibe stands for vibration and your vibration is the level and type of energy you are exerting or receiving.

Ah that’s a bunch of woo woo b.s. some may say.

Law Of Attraction

Actually, it’s not my friend. You can raise your vibration. It is scientifically proven, so let’s jump into the facts for a minute and then you can follow me.

The Science behind the Law of Attraction

Master the Law of Attraction. Raise Your Vibe.

First, back in science class we all learned that energy can neither be created nor destroyed. There are different types of Energy; kinetic, atomic, thermal, electromotive, and potential (Losier, 2004).

Next, you will recall that all matter is made up of atoms. These atoms contain nucleus's where both proton and neutrons live with electrons constantly circling.

That said, “electrons assume orbiting the nucleus in a way that promotes the stability of the atom. When energy is added to the atom, the electrons orbit higher, where when the atom gives off energy the electrons orbit in a lower state (Losier, 2004).

Now, let’s take Atoms as a whole. When “atoms are, “aligned,” they create a motive force, all pulling together in the same direction, much like the same way as metals can be magnetized. They align their molecules in the same direction.

Suffice to say, science has show that if there are physical laws that can be observed and quantified in one arena, there are probably similar laws in other arena, even if they cannot at this time be quantified.” (Losier, 2004)

This means that every atom in your body is consistently responding to the energy, positive or negative in your body whether you are aware of it or not.

The Law of Attraction can be defined as attracting to your life whatever you give your focus energy and attention to whether positive or negative.

The Law of Attraction states, “We have the power to create our own reality,”

A.k.a. Like attracts like.

Whatever you put out there into the world, that same type of energy will come back to you.

Master Your Vibe and Start Attracting SUCCESS in your BIZ!

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    How to Use the Law of Attraction in Business

    How to use the law of attraction in business ; raise your vibe and attract what you want.

    The personal development game right now is all about having a, “growth mindset.”

    However, as we talk about our frustrations in business and lack of the things we need, we are embracing just the opposite, a, "fixed mindset."

    By owning your own business, you are given a unique opportunity to influence and impact lives.

    This is why it is so important to start becoming more self-aware, embrace shifts in strategy, and new ways of thinking.

    Become More Aware that, “Your Perception Shapes your Reality.”

    We all have have been wired from a young age to believe certain things are true and not true about ourselves and others. It may have been our parents, society or from what we learned in school. These beliefs have been ingrained in our heads from a very young age.

    Sometimes we aren’t even aware of the beliefs that may be holding us back.

    Example 1:

    For example, maybe you fee that doing your taxes stressful and a total bore.

    Or you may shift your perception and say that it is a way to get really clear on your financial state. Also it may help you become more organized your business.

    Example 2:

    Maybe you feel that writing in your business feels difficult. You may think, “it’s just not your strength.”

    However, a change in perception could be, "Actually it allows you to have more control over the way you speak to your customer and tune in more to their wants and needs."

    Example 3:

    Finally, one of the most common phrases I hear is, "I don’t have enough time.” Instead of thinking this way, shift your perception into abundance and tell yourself that, “I have all the time in the world for the priorities that are the most important to me.”

    Ultimately, the things that you do not like to do or that you do not have are that way because YOU DECIDED THAT THEY WERE SO.

    What you can do to be more aware of your thoughts:

    Limiting Beliefs and how to change your future, raise your vibe through identifying the opportunities.

    Try to put yourself in the driver's seat and envision yourself as the writer of your own story.

    Everything comes down to the decisions you make. As you decide to be in charge of your perception, you can rewrite your next steps, the way you interpret the world, and how you respond to it.

    The Law of Attraction states that what we know to be true is not the limit, but that we can create anything, any goal, or any dream. Seeing is not believing, believing is seeing your direction and opportunities. When you believe that something has the capability to happen, you will confidently exude these things and great things will come to you.

    Practical Readers and Skeptics:

    Now, I know that this stuff is a little woo woo for those of you that are practical and analytical. But the take away from this is that you have control over your reality and your trajectory.

    make a list of the limiting beliefs that are holding you back in order to raise your vibe.

    As a business owner, define the limiting beliefs that are holding you back?

    If your beliefs are not making you happy, stop and give yourself permission to be wrong (for all the right reasons).”

    -Tonya Rineer (Money Mindset Coach)
    1. Write down the beliefs that you feel are not serving you in a list form (leave room on the right).
    2. Write down the thoughts that are making you fear, perceive things as difficult or hard, ability to control versus allowing things to come naturally. What thoughts are making you unhappy?
    3. For each of the items you listed above, write down what you would prefer to think instead on the right.
    4. Now, start looking for proof that the beliefs you want to think are true. Take the example about the belief writing for your business is difficult. When you change this mindset toward it giving you clarity on how to better speak to your customer, then you would then look for reasons that is true such as your customer response and how this is realized in your business.

    Master Your Vibe and Start Attracting SUCCESS in your BIZ!

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      Come from a Place of Abundance Rather than Scarcity

      When you come from a place of abundance and you will raise your vibe.

      What does that mean exactly?

      When you come from a place of abundance, you know there is enough out there for you. This means there are enough clients, customers, money, and like-minded individuals for your business. As you begin to embrace this mindset, they will begin to gravitate your way.

      Steven Covey, writer of the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People suggests that when you live in a world of scarcity, you compete for available resources, even when there is an abundance of them.

      How to Start Coming from a Place of Abundance:
      • Get really clear on where you want to go in your business. The more clear you are, the more focus you can put toward that goal.
      • Start believing in yourself and your capabilities to do and achieve your goals.
      • Begin to come from a place of having enough, having joy, having money...even if the money is not already there. Remove any negativity where your thoughts tell you that your not enough or don't have enough.
      • Rid yourself of judgement and negativity when it comes to others including your competition. Try to have a mentality that it may not be right for you and move on. Judgement does not serve anyone in a positive way.
      • Be open to receiving things from others. Be more keen on observing the signs and directions you should take in your business from the universe.
      • Practice gratefulness in your business and embrace a positive mindset about what you currently have.
      • Focus on what is going well; just as above you should focus on what you currently have, focus on what is going right in your business. When a problem arises, look to what is going right and how to amplify that.
      • Concentrate on growth; leverage a growth mindset. Get curious about what others around you are doing, ask questions and embrace learning.
      • Embrace that there are limitless possibilities if you open yourself up to them.
      • Develop Mastery Experiences; take one step each day to get to your goal and by day 365 you will have improved by 365% (chopra.com)
        • A really great way to do this is to take your goal for the year and break it down into small, manageable tasks that you can work toward each day.
      A man is but the product of his thoughts...what he thinks, he becomes. Raise your vibe.

      “A man is but the product of his thoughts…what he thinks, he becomes.”

      Mahatma Gandhi

      Know What is Going to Get in Your Way

      • Ask yourself what YOU are doing to prevent your own success. Most likely you have mindset blocks or you are preventing opportunities from happening. Here are a few things that may be preventing you from growth.
      • Skills: determine what skills you will need in 5 years and start working toward them now.
      • Growth Mindset: be aware of the fixed mindset creeping in and be okay with being vulnerable.
      • Inaction: be aware of the things you are avoiding.
      • Make your job your identity and be okay with that: Are you spending time or investing time?
      • Fear of Judgement will prevent you from taking risks. Let your failures become part of your journey and be okay with failing.
      • Identify the habits that are helping or hurting you? Prime yourself every day for the day you want to have. Get rid of the bad habits that aren’t serving you.

      Final Thoughts

      Raise Your Vibe, Attract what you expect, manifest what you become.

      In order to be the best version of yourself you will NEED to raise your vibration, your energy level and create an abundance mindset.

      If you want to be successful in life and in business then you need to be self-aware of the thoughts that create your reality and the habits that you pursue daily.

      Surround yourself with those that support your efforts and support those that are succeeding around you.

      As a business owner, some of the best things you can do is to be confident in your decisions, look for the signs of new opportunities and create focus strategies for growth.

      Need a Little Extra Help on Your Journey?

      Kristine Schwartz, Business Coach and Consultant

      My name is Kristine and I am a business coach/ consultant that works with service-based entrepreneurs who are overwhelmed and are ready to start simplifying their processes and creating stellar strategies for growth.

      I help determined business owners make epic moves in their business so that they can make more money and live more freely.

      I know that sometimes the hardest part is holding yourself accountable and not having someone to help curate your strategy with.

      If you’re looking for someone that meets your vibe and is here to help you grow and be accountable in your journey, click here to learn more about what I do and schedule a quick chat!

      Master Your Vibe and Start Attracting SUCCESS in your BIZ!

      Download the FREE Worksheet Today!

      Enter your email to download your FREE workbook along with all the actionable tips to grow a profitable business!

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