Fuck...I lost my job

Yea, so that happened. Hello, I'm Kristine. I am a real person with real problems, crazy ambitions, and real solutions.

Why the title?

Well that is because that is how I, along with every other human feel the minute you realize you've lost your job. It's a total mindfuck, and that exact emotion that ran through my brain when I was told my position was being eliminated. That's aside from the shock and disbelief that this could really have been happening.

When I lost my job I was a middle manager at a conglomerate retailer, I held a double Master's degree focusing on Project Management and Change Leadership. I managed a billion dollar brand's loyalty program as well as their credit card program, and was dang good it. I don't normally toot my own horn but damn it, how could this have happened?

It felt like the emotions and questions that were going through my head, no one else understood...

  • Could it be possible that I've worked this hard and they decided they didn't need me anymore?
  • I've done everything I was supposed to do, why did this happen?
  • Maybe it was that one time I fucked up the participants for our big meeting and she was upset?

Over the past year, I thought about leaving and exploring independent consulting, however, to not leave on MY own terms was a hard pill to swallow. I felt like a giant failure. Family, friends and mentors all reinforced that this was going to be a blessing in disguise. Deep down I knew that it would be, I just wasn't ready to come to terms with what had happened.

I am the kind of person that will not accept failure or defeat until I make my next successful move. It is a requirement of my being to prove to myself and others that I can do and be more.

I knew I couldn't be the only one who has felt this way, and lets be honest no one ever thinks it is going to happen to them.

So why this website? Why this blog?

Why REINVENT YOUR HUSTLE? Because I needed to reinvent my hustle! I needed to let everyone know that I GET IT! It sucks; its frustrating and painful, but YOU HAVE TO GET UP AND MOVE FORWARD. You feel judged even though no one would actually say that. To top it off, when this happens your work ethic and integrity get put at stake and all you want is to preserve your reputation you worked so hard for.

You can do this!

I am here to tell you that no matter the circumstances, YOU CAN DO THIS. You can pick your self up, you can show your face in your city. You can show face when you see old coworkers and on social media. Change your own game, REINVENT YOUR HUSTLE and find your next move.

Everyone at some point in their life wants more, needs change, and craves the resources to get them there. They want to make their next move and kill it in the process. So I am here to be completely real with you. I am here to be authentic. To tell it how it is. To provide my readers with the best inspiration, tools and resources to be successful in their next move.

Whether you need to find a job right now or you have time to figure out your next move, this is the perfect time to take a PAUSE.

Please if you take anything from this, please, take a deep breathe and give yourself the grace you deserve, and PAUSE. We are so hard on ourselves and your mind needs a moment to grieve in this process and reset. If you are feeling this way and need more on what to expect click here.

This Brand is FOR YOU, not for me!

REINVENT YOUR HUSTLE has been created to help empower individuals to take their next steps in the most efficient, thoughtful and innovative ways. So THANK YOU for reading this post and I am so excited to walk through this path with you. For now here's my two cents:

Be kind to yourself and take this time to think about all the positives that will come out of this.

Many Thanks Friend!

Kristine Schwartz

Owner, Reinvent Your Hustle

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