5 Tips to Effortlessly Make $5k+ Every Month as a Coach & Create MRR!


How to Make $5k a Month Consistently in 5 Easy Steps

I know what you're thinking, “How can I start making more money consistently every month,” it should be easy! Start making the right decisions to build up that bank account and create Monthly Recurring Revenue as a coach! Inside we'll cover the importance of niching, visibility, networking, pricing, and the power of confidence so you can define your difference, land your audience and finally figure out what needs to change to make over 5k per month! I've been in the coaching game for a few years now& have so many secrets to share! Let's dive in! 

Find your niche

Finding your niche is crucial to success as a coach. Focusing on a specific target audience allows you to tailor your products and services to their unique needs and challenges. By specializing in something and landing your niche, you can provide a higher level of expertise, which enhances the value you offer to your clients.

When you have a clear niche, your brand image becomes stronger and more authentic. Customers are more likely to trust and support a brand that has a clear mission and stands for something. 

When you are spread too thin, maybe you have a wide variety of offers and services, people get confused as to what you stand for and ultimately what to buy from you. Too many products and services can lead you to neglecting the quality and diffuse your focus on what really matters. I actually believe that one high-ticket offer is the way to go when your starting out because it gives you stability and predictability with a solid niche customer!  My high-ticket chatgpt prompts will able to effortlessly create high-ticket offers that captivate your audience and generates massive revenue in just minutes!! 


In a world of social media and online commerce, it can get increasingly more difficult to get seen! I would actually argue that it actually starts with your offer and that's how you create incredible content! 

When it comes to tactical strategy, reels on IG and FB are for new eyeballs. Ensuring that your reels layer back to your main offer and the pain points it solves is key for getting people that will eventually buy your thing! Making sure you have solid hooks, that you are phrasing in questions and drawing interest is imperative to growth & maintaining interest! 

Creating a strategy that allows you to be seen on other peoples podcasts, inside their Facebook groups and on stages to a broader audience is also important for audience growth. This is something you should always be doing. How to reach the owners of these places? Tap into understanding the congregations of people you are targeting and where they are hanging out: What podcasts are they listening to? What network marketing companies are they in? What Facebook groups? Look at interest based congregations as Russell Brunson States in his book Traffic Secrets!


Networking plays a vital role in expanding your reach and generating sales. This world is all about who you know, not what you know. So, it’s important to get out there and really get to know others within your industry and those that are non-competitive, but have an audience that is similar to yours.

Your connections more often than not or what help you get sales and build referrals. Building relationships with other professionals in your industry and related fields can lead to collaboration, referrals, and valuable connections. Joining Facebook groups for entrepreneurs, attending Chamber of Commerce meetings, BNI groups and leveraging LinkedIn groups are effective ways to expand your network.

Word-of-mouth marketing remains one of the most powerful tools for generating leads and conversions, plus its the most affordable and as a newer entrepreneur, this is key! Encourage your satisfied clients to spread the word about your coaching services, as personal recommendations hold significant influence. Set up a referral program that kicks back cash or gift cards for increased support! 

Get your pricing right

You wanna ensure regular bank deposits each week? Then you need monthly reoccurring revenue. My clients love having a fool proof strategy for MRR...Enter creating a Superpower Offer! I am a huge believer as I mentioned to have one HIGH-TICKET SUPERPOWER OFFER  And here is where you are going to make the actual money. 

What's a Superpower Offer? 

  • A high-ticket offer that gives you time freedom
  • A leveraged offer that creates MRR
  • An offer with a high rate of client success, retention, & referrals
  • Your high-ticket superpower offer that you become known for that amplifies your brand
  • A longer-term, ever-enrolling offer, so you don’t have to create new offers and be launching constantly

Here are some questions you should be asking yourself:

  • How many hours are you putting into meeting 1:1 with clients, how does that feel?
  • Could you scale your time in a group offering? 
  • Can you get them the same results in a hybrid option of 1:1 and group or Voxer?
  • Is the market saturated, have you differentiated your framework...meaning they way you get your client from point A to Point B (shhhh this is a huge gamechanger)

If you are feeling resistance or excitement when you ask yourself these questions, then I challenge you to take my Superpower Offer Quiz where in 45 second you will learn exactly what you need to change, rework or add to your product suite to start making more money in a way that lights you the eff up! 

Be confident!

This may honestly be the toughest one. But the secret lies in trusting the results you bring to clients, knowing your value and practicing....if you are afraid to go live, do it scared...

If you are worried about that group or speaking presentation...do it scared. 

Confidence comes from believing in yourself. When you put that new offer out there for the first time you may be scared shitless to say that number outload, but when the first person bites, all of a sudden you realize how achievable it actually is! 

If you ever need a reminder of how strong, amazing, and beautiful you are, feel free to message me via instagram with the word "confidence" and I would be happy to pump you up my friend! Check me out 👇

Instagram: @reinventyourhustle

Final Thoughts

Making $5k consistently every month as a coach requires the right offer, focused effort, and more important than anything...the right mindset. By finding your niche, increasing your visibility, networking effectively, pricing your services appropriately, and fostering confidence, 5k will feel easy. Remember to be consistent.

Remember, success doesn't happen overnight, but by reworking your offer into a Superpower High-ticket offer success will come so much easier! Wanna learn how I help my clients create superpower offers everyday...check out the Co-Creation Collective Mastermind!  

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