3 Reasons Why You're Not Landing Clients

3 reasons why you're not landing clients and what to do instead. Learn how to be more specific, how to sell everyday and how to get clear on your message so your clients want to work with you! #marketingtips #marketing #branding #brandingtips #growyourbrand #lifecoach #femaleentrepreneur #digital marketing #blogger #blog #pinterestmarketing #businesscoach #coaching #getclients #brandingcoach #brandstory #sales #strategy #businesscoaching

You're doing ALL THE THINGS on Instagram, following all the right people and Pinteresting the shit out of your content....why aren't your ideal clients flocking to your door??? Well, it takes more than a pretty insta & good Pinterest content to reel them as loyal customers. You gotta scrap these fatal mistakes if you want to truly grow your brand. Here are 3 reasons why you're NOT landing clients and what to do instead.

3 Reasons Why You're Not Landing Clients

You're not being specific enough


Everyone says it and they are right!

Your best bet to attain those dreamy customers is to NOT BLEND IN. That means you need to stand out and the best way to do that is to get more specific on WHAT YOU DO.

So how to get more specific on your niche? Here are a couple of tips:
  • What is your favorite thing to talk about
  • What do people compliment you on all the time?
  • Where have you produced results for people in the past?
  • What facet of your business do you love doing?

Answer these questions seriously and you will most definitely narrow in on your specialties!

Kristine Schwartz, marketing expert and business coach helps you to understand The 3 reasons you are not landing clients

Target Customer

Another way to get more specific is to narrow in on your audience. If you're a coach, this can sometimes be particularly hard because you want to help everyone, and that is really sweet of you, but it isn't a marketing strategy. It is doomed for failure.

I once was there, I had a fear of narrowing in and working specifically with women (even though that was where my heart was pulling). When finally I realized that I wanna work with bad-ass boss babes, I saw that there are plenty of them out there and I was actually helping my cause of GAINING MORE LOYAL CUSTOMERS!

Once you make the decision to narrow in on your ideal customer avatar, you start to see so many more opportune customers at your digital doorstep! Everything begins to flow!

You're not selling every day

From Inspirational to an Expert

You may be that rockstar whose content is stellar, inspirational in fact, but when your followers on Instagram see you as that, "INSPIRATIONAL person," they don't actually buy from you. In fact, they actually aren't your customers at all, they are just inspired by you.

Don't get into the, "but I don't want to be salesy trap"

That is just that shitty impostor syndrome creeping in! You have to tell people 7-10 times about an offer before they actually warm up and make a purchase.

Don't be afraid to sell, you most likely sell other people's shit all the time, a.k.a that amazing brand of mascara, or the leggings you love, the swimsuit that fits perfect ang you cannot help but tell people about.

Girl, promote yourself, because no one else will! Want more tips on how to build that authority online? I gotchu, click here!

Warm up your Audience

So, now your telling people about you're offer, is that warming them up?

Yes, and here are a few other tips for you to use when Building up your Client base!
  • Tell them stories: Stories have been since the beginning of time, people love a story, here are 3 kinds:
    • Influencer Story:
      • This is where you influence the customer through speaking to their problems i.e.: I have no time, no money (and then you tell a story on how you can solve that problem or combat their objection)
    • Connection Story:
      • Connect with your client on a deeper level i.e.) you struggled with this too, you have felt their pain, their fear, their needs and this is how you solved that problem
    • Success Story:
      • This is your humble brag and testimonial about a particular problem and how you solved it with one of your customers. Leverage that testimonial to work harder for you.

Call to Action

how to get more coaching clients


In every post, every blog, every podcast; you need to give your auduence something to do! This is called a Call to Action.

You may want them to download your freebie, maybe you want them to sign up for your masterclass, or your program, whatever it is SELL IT!

Ask them for a follow, ask them to comment; there are a thousand ways to get your customer to interact with you, just remember that it takes time and do not get discouraged. You need to continue to speak to them, measure what your customers interact with and sell your offers before they bite!

You're Not Clear on Your Message

Brand Message

This is a BIG ONE!

Do your customers know what you stand for?

Do you know what you stand for? One of the biggest problems I see with my clients is that they think they have their niche and their target customer down, but their brand message is not clear.

In order for your customer to know what you sell and see you as an expert you need to get a point of view and stick to it.

Your point of view is what makes your business different than the rest - The 3 reasons you are not landing clients
In Defining your Brand Message Identify:
  • What problem you solve
  • What you believe in for your clients (their ideal state)
  • How you help your clients get to that belief (the solution that gets them to their ideal state)
  • 3 unique ways that you structure your solution
  • What makes you different (how do you define your difference in the marketplace)

Define your Content Pillars

Content pillars are a clean way of organizing your brand’s content topics. Every business, large or small has a range of things that they can talk about with their audience.

Think about content pillars like this:

  • Envision your business as a building.
  • Then consider the four pillars on the outside as your content pillars holding up the building.
  • Then, all the walls and connecting structures inside the building will connect to the pillars. These are your supporting topics. Make sense?

Know your clients inner dialogues

What are your clients' external struggles?

  • Tangible problems

What are your clients' internal struggles?

  • Fear-based inner thoughts that are an emotional struggle.

Once you know these struggles, you can begin to target them in your stories, in your posts and content across your brand.

Ensuring that you know your customer better than they know themselves is your best bet at gaining their attention!

Getting Clear on How you Solve their Problem

Begin to relate those external and internal problems that your customer is having to the solution you provide.

Determine how you will get your customer over the internal problem to the solution? Identify what goal do you will help them meet and how you can tell them this in a SIMPLE and UNDERSTANDABLE way?

Show your clients that you can solve their problem and do it in a digestible way. It should be easy enough for an 8 year old to understand.

and then once you feel good about HOW you solve their problem, then...

Get clear on what makes you different than your competition

Tell your customer what makes you the best. Tell them why your the right person to solve their problem! This comes down to you knowing your brand story and your unfair advantage.

A brand story is where you tell your story in a way that emotionally connects to your customer. It takes your unique story and builds a connection that allows your customer to directly resonate with your experience.

Click here to take my FREE BRAND STORY MINI COURSE and learn how to emotionally connect and build loyal customers!

Free Brand Story Mini Course

Final Thoughts

The more clear you get on who you want to attract, the more clear you become and the more likely you are to attract that amazing, ideal customer!

Clarity makes everything more fluid and abundant! If you continue to find yourself in a space where:

You become easily overwhelmed with

  • E V E R Y T H I N G you're supposed to be doing as a business owner.
  • All the marketing gimmicks and b.s. people are telling you to do
  • your multi-passionate mindset, jumping from one idea to the next...

Then you gotta take a little time and space to establish your vision! Finding clarity in your overall purpose helps you to also find clarity in your message.

Kristine Schwartz, Business Coach

When you get clear in these things and amazing things with begin to happen! I'm always open to holding a clarity session for you as well.

Sometimes it's easier to have someone pull it out of you, than spinning your wheels and waiting for your own validation. Click here to schedule a FREE CLARITY SESSION!


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