10 Best things to do after you lose your job

When I lost my job I was in complete shock. I walked into the house in disbelief, I didn't know what to do with myself. All I wanted to do was to scream, cry, yell, and just bury myself into a hole. That day was one of the most emotional days I have ever experienced. When this type of shit happens it leaves you perplexed and you ask yourself so many questions. When it comes down to it, I had to change my mindset. I vowed to approach it go forward with a, "it is what it is" mentality and take it one day at a time. I documented my steps and put together the 10 best things to do after losing your job.

The days following I searched the internet for resources. Nothing was a one stop shop that would tell me how to pick my life up and put it back together. Initially, my thought was why not do this for others, I certainly was not the only one that wants and needs guidance. So here it is....

10 best things to do after you lost your job. Don't get caught in a rut, be sure to check out my blog and get the advice you need to get back in action fast and take your career to the next level.

Here are 10 best things to do after you lose your job


You just went through a traumatic experience. Take time to reflect. Try to understand any mistake you may have made and give yourself the grace move on. Let's be real... the people make the place, your coworkers are still around my friends, and you can still be friends outside of the workplace.


We usually want to jump right into finding the next job. I challenge you to pause and take some time to figure out if the path your currently on is one you want to stay on. Now is your time to contemplate your dreams and your next career move.


Figure out how much money you have in checking, savings, and your retirement. Did you get a separation or severance package? If you have a partner, how long can they support you and your dependents? Know when you will receive your last check. What can you cut out of your spend today?


Sometimes the only way to protect your integrity is to ensure that you personally talk to those influencers that you want to keep in your life as mentors, references, and acquaintances. Plan to keep your arsenal full, you never know when you may need them. Do not burn bridges. In this case, you may need the people. Just as they say...keep your friends closer and your enemies closer (may be extreme, but you get the point).


Evaluate when your last day of benefits is and know that most likely two weeks post termination you will be receiving a letter from Cobra by law. Cobra is expensive, but know that you usually get 90 days post termination to claim those benefits and they back date to the time of termination. If you are risk averse and looking for a cheaper option check out https://www.healthcare.gov/


This is your portfolio. Make sure that everything is current. If you are an alumni to a university, you may be able to leverage your University's Alumni resources. There are plenty of templates that you can use online for free. Here is my favorite, it will help you build your resume in an easy to format question format https://resumegenius.com/resume-templates


Everyone should do this! This is one of the best ways you can give back to yourself and I am a huge advocate of projecting this into the universe for yourself. Write down what your perfect day would be 10 years from now. The types of things that you should think about are:

  1. Envision where you live
  2. What your day looks like
  3. If you have children
  4. How you wake up
  5. What does it smell like in your home
  6. Describe your perfect day

Don't leave any details out. Your list should be one page minimum. The only way for you to get a clear picture is to write them all down so you can go back to it and continue to strive for it. One of my favorite podcasts is from Tim Ferris and Debbie Millman, check it out here.


Whether you avidly workout or rarely put on tennis shoes, you need to make exercise part of your new routine.


Because it will give you the energy you to be productive. It’s not about being fat or skinny, small or large. It is about giving back to your body just as much as you are giving to your mind, career, family and friends. Your body is the only place you will ever live permanently and it needs to have activity to stay in the same condition as you age. Whether it is just getting out for a morning walk, going for a hike, heading to the gym, going to your first yoga class, you need this.

If you are reading this you are most likely unemployed. That said, It’s not like you don't have the time. Get off your ass and make your life happen. It will make your feel more productive. Schedule yourself for daily activity so that you are able to hold yourself accountable.


This is something that I read somewhere after I was let go and let me tell you they were right! Friends, make sure that it is not someone you haven't seen in two but, three years. It will breathe new life and new perspective into your mindset.


One book that I am a huge advocate of is Strengthfinders. I believe so much in this that I am willing to advocate for it. I have taken this assessment multiple times as we change thought out the years. Strengthfinders will point out your strengths and it is crazy how on point it is. When you realize your strengths, you will be able to play into them so much more which will increase your productivity ten fold and help you to level up your game.

It is a fact that we excel much easier when working in our strengths than to change and improve our weaknesses.

This book and assessment will help to drive you in the right direction based on YOU, no one else.

For more on what to do after you have lost your job, check out my post on What to do in the first two weeks after losing your job. If you are serious about getting back on your feet, I got you.

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