Zen Oasis Home Cleansing Box

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For the Person Ready to Cleanse the Energy in their Home

The Zen Oasis Home Cleansing Box is designed to be used daily to cleanse your space and create an environment of new positive energy. 

Featuring modern and premium products from Paddywax, Good Citizen and Design works, this box invites you to clear any negative, stuck, or stagnant energy. You will also be able to embrace the power of sage and palo santo in your practice along with the power of our prayer, intentional affirmations and a curated Spotify playlist to release what no longer serves, cleansing any desired space with a clean slate while elevating your vibration and reigniting the the light in your home. 

Product Details
Double -Walled Grey Mug
The Good Citizen 12 oz Double Walled Glass Mug is a durable and stylish mug made from premium borosilicate glass. Its double-walled design keeps your beverages warm without making the mug hot to touch. It also prevents condensation, protecting your tabletops. 

These mugs are thermal shock resistant, and their colored glass won't chip or peel. Hand washing is recommended, and they are not microwave safe..
Clear Quartz Crystal Cluster
Experience the captivating power of Clear Quartz Crystal. This remarkable gemstone radiates clarity, amplifies intentions & energy, attracts positivity and repels negativity. While mostly associated to the crown chakra,  clear quartz enhances your spiritual practice, cleanses other crystals, and whatever your intention or purpose for meditating is, this crystal will amplify it and help you connect to higher consciousness. Typically 2-3 inches long.
Incense Cone - Teak & Tobacco
Features 60 incense cones & flameless fragrance for your space. Enjoy the captivating scent blend of bergamot, teak, cinnamon, jasmine, orange, tobacco, amber, musk, patchouli in your home.
Spanish Moss Candle
Immerse yourself in the captivating scent of Paddywax's Spanish Moss Candle. A rich, beautifully-scented candle inspired by gardens & the deserts it transforms any space. Once finished, repurpose the elegant vessel into a unique planter for your favorite plant, adding natural beauty to any room. Handcrafted in Nashville, TN, this candle offers both fragrance and functionality in one stylish package.
Palo Santo Smudge Stick
Smudging is one of the best ways to reach into the soul but certainly don't skip over the body and mind. Palo Santo releases energies and cleanses your space. This bundle features a intentions engraved disc charm. The stick measures about 4" long and varies in thickness.
White Sage Bundle. Ancient incense that is sustainably harvested, this fragrant smudge stick will smolder and fill your space with the resinous scent of Southern California’s high deserts.

All shipments are dispatched on the 15th of the upcoming month.

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