Drumroll...your brand aligns to a 

Market Mover



Innovator + Goal Getter + Vivaciously Ambitious​

You’re kinda new to the business game, but you don’t let anything hold you back! You’re all about learning as you go, building those rock-solid client relationships, and continually innovating as you discover your own signature methodology. ​


You're The kind of person people need to know. Your ambition has been driving you from day one to create a life filled with time and freedom.

You're ready to build an empire that impacts in a millionaire way. You’ve been on grind and are growing at an exponential rate, implementing like a boss.

And you’re feeling so damn good about what you’re creating because you know your craft & can do it better than most!


While you’ve got all the passion and dedication to succeed...

You can’t quite figure out how to connect all those pesky little dots and create the perfect business strategy that gets clients through the door seamlessly.
You've been taking plenty of action only to feel overwhelmed and anxious because you have no freakin’ idea where to focus to bring the ideal clients. And lately all the marketing noise is making you freeze up, unsure of who to trust for support.
Did I nail it? If you're in the land of so/so, check out the other quiz results  & remember, these quizzes are not always magic.

Ready for more Market Mover goodness?

Your Genius

You’re part of an elite group of entrepreneurs who value results over $$$ because you know that's where money is made.


You're Ready For This Well-Intentioned Hustle To Be Your Main Paycheck. But With The Overwhelming Tasks Piling Up And The Fear Of Failure Looming Over You Like A Dark Cloud,You’re Unclear What You Want To Do Next Or How To Even Move Your Business Forward.

Hang In there!

You’re literally on the brink of figuring out the secret formula to making your business work.

All you need is a little confidence & clarity.

It's time to ditch the anxieties and get clear on your business goals so you can develop a strategy tailor-made to fit you and start bringing in those ideal clients and finally make some cha-ching! And the moment you connect your passion & purpose to an aligned offer, you’ll have clients lining up and knocking on your virtual door. 

Market Movers 


You've been DIYing it and if any of these feels relevant to you, the longer you wait in the zone of hustle and spin, the less aligned you will feel.

The choice YOU WILL EVENTUALLY HAVE TO MAKE is to be vulnerable enough to take the uncomfortable leap toward the next level of success...aka getting out of you own way & taking a step toward that impact-driven boss mama you were born to be.​

If this doesn’t sound like you, check out the other quiz results  & remember, these quizzes are not always perfect.

What makes you Magnetic?


You give it your all and your clients see how much you care. People gravitate to your sense of love for what you do and the energy you bring. You operate with motivation and like to keep the momentum rolling. 


You know that in order to move the market you need to be different and you're not afraid to stand out and innovate. Adventure is part of your make-up and you're not afraid to work toward that bigger plan, even if the sights are new. You're all about learning & implementing


Movers like to keep things moving and it's no surprise that the variety in what you have to offer can dazzle most. Your speed at which you operate also can move mountains and your ability to brush off set-backs & move forward will keep all your incredible projects running at once.


You are willing to ebb and flow in your business, playfully test and try new things out, while not afraid to improvise along the way. This agile mindset helps you to adapt quickly & implement for quick results.

Hey there, I’m Kristine ​

I genuinely believe I was put on this earth to show you that no matter where you are in life right or what you've been through, your abundance is waiting for you on the other side of fear.

But it took a lot of discomfort, pain, and hustle for me to get here.

I realized that all the rejection, the constant struggle, and the yearning for more was truly my REDIRECTION TO EMPOWER MORE WOMEN TO STEP INTO THEIR MAGIC

So, I did what any embodied CEO would do. I picked myself up, dusted myself off, and hustled hard to create this brand to help other ambitious women believe in their worth so they could scale their businesses to 6 figures and beyond



Jessica Alba

The founder of The Honest Company, actress Jessica Alba created a brand to help families stay safer through using transparent products. What makes her a market mover like you is that she dares to be different & is shifting the market. With severe allergies and asthma as a kid, she wanted to create a space that invited consumers who have been buying conventional products — like the ones they grew up with — into the green space. She found a gap in the market and is now a champion for change.

She is devoted to the cause & says, "If you have a point of view and a story to tell, there's probably a community out there that wants to be part of what you're doing. It's not easy, but you have to try if you have it in your heart."

She has dealt with many obstacles & is a pioneer, "We are always looking for ways to be innovative, to learn and take it to the next level." Keeping her vision large, she followed her passion for curiosity and used her story to excel into what was actually possible.

You have this capability & when you let the most positive intent shine & focus intently on the results you create; your expansion & next level thinking is infinite.


So what is your next sell out service?

1:1 signature program​ -> SCALED
Your first official offer to introduce your brand and vision to the world was probably 1:1 coaching and support and now its time to SCALE! You need a signature framework that your clients cannot resist and differentiates you from every other coach, creative and teacher out there!!!!!

This program needs to stand out and give the market something new that they haven't seen before. If you are to move mountains, then this signature program needs a unique value proposition that aligns to the result-driven impact you've proven you can create.

Let's maximize your time and turn your 1:1 coaching into a more scalable and predictable offer. Enter HYBRID group and high-ticket 1:1 coaching


How To Get Clear On Your Niche & Messaging​

In order to align your passions to your ultimate impact-driven purpose you need to gain clarity on your niche & brand message.

Your brand message contains the problem you solve, who you solve it for and how you help your customers achieve their desired result

Your Quick Win Steps

  • Identify each of your interests
  • Clarify the type of ideal customer you want to work with (the problems they have + the results they want)
  • Begin to map out what makes you different. Combine 2 or more of your passions into an offer and see how that feels.
  • Ask yourself why someone would want to work with you versus the next person. What is a unique way you get your client from point A to B. 
  • Clarify what you believe is possible for your client and how you help them achieve that.

​build An Irresistible Offer & Signature Framework

Signature frameworks are created so that you can stand out and become more unique with an approach that can be easily understood by your client.

Your step-by-step process is your framework. 

If you want to differentiate your brand and why someone wants to work with you, then you should consider creating your own signature process of getting your client to their result.

Your Quick Win Steps

Ask Yourself These Questions:

  • What is the time frame it takes to get your clients the desired results?

  • Within that timeframe what are the steps that need to happen in order to achieve the result?

  • What are the milestones that occur once they go through each step in your framework?

  • What are the tactics inside of those steps that your client needs to perform inside your program curriculum to get to the milestone mentioned above?

Map Out Your Content Pillars For Brand Awareness

The content hamster wheel is a real thing. When you clearly lay out your brand message, target customer and offers, mapping out your content pillars becomes easy.

Your content pillars are the high-level themes you speak about on a consistent basis to add value, build trust and drive brand awareness.

Your Quick Win Steps

After you have landed step 1 & 2, you can begin to brainstorm the different types of content you want to speak of consistently. Relate these high level themes back to your framework content.

Even though you feel like you may be giving away your industry knowledge, remember that people decide to work with you 1:1 because they want YOUR direct support. So let go of the fear of giving too much away and build trust through providing consistent value informing based on your content pillars.

Feeling A Little Weirded Out As I’ve Got You Spot On? 

I know that making these types of bold moves inside your business model can be intimidating at first. I've put together the most potent masterclass I've ever created, designed for the entrepreneur who is ready to shift into their next era, the woman ready to magnetize her divine feminine voice, begin to leverage her inner wisdom and learn how to build a desire-driven brand that fully embodies her natural gifts.

It's time to shift into your soul calling

Stepping into your true divine power requires you to move differently.

If you've been craving to meet your edges…

That growth that cannot come from another marketing tactic, strategy, content calendar or trend...

But, rather a movement from your soul, operating from a place of conviction, full embodiment and radical alignment to your core truths…

 A sense of knowing…

 A sense of being.

This is your time to unlock the missing piece, to unlock the power you have been feeling called to rediscover in your business and in your life.

In 90 Minutes, You'll Learn How To:
  • Step into pleasure over pressure, creating an intuitive, softer approach to help you call in & manifest our deepest desires

  • Call in your intuition, learning to allow, receive and notice the signs.

  • To develop your spiritual practice & deepen your relationship to your soul, source and your intuition.

  • Expand into the potency of the next version of your business, declaring what you want to be known for!

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