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Community connector



Impact Driven + Change Maker + Harmonious

Bringing people together and nurturing them comes really naturally to you. You were born to create incredible spaces for people to grow and thrive while building your empire.

About the Community Connector​

Personal connection is your jam & you make decisions based on alignment. Your clients LOVE you because you are a trend-setter, you're intentionally curious and consistently help drive their personal & professional growth.

Maybe you have discovered this connector gene and are seeing the benefits that building your network can provide through collaboration, ideation and eliciting change through others. You have worked immensely hard to get to where you are and you have incredible talents, people are drawn to you. But you may be struggling to get the results that you want.

... But THE TRUTH IS...

You’re feeling like there is some big secret to success that everyone else but you knows.

You feel frustrated at your lack of progress, nothing seems to be working. You may be wondering if you even selling the right thing cause it seems like everyone is ignoring you online?

Did I nail it? If you're in the land of so/so, check out the other quiz results  & remember, these quizzes are not always magic.

Okay So Onto More Legit Connector Goodness!

Your Genius

You are part of an elite group of people who get along with everyone and usually know someone that can solve any problem you encounter. You are an incredible listener and more often than not, your conversing about other people's problems. 


The problem is you’re likely following a cookie-cutter approach that ignores your incredible talents. Maybe you're trying to offer 1:1 services as you’ve been told that’s the best way forward but it’s out of alignment with your heart. Something is off.

And if you’re totally honest ...

You’re questioning how long you can continue as you are, you’ve lost the love for the way you're doing things.


→ You Are SO CLOSE to your breakthrough ←

In fact, you are so much closer than you think. 

You're ready to level up those connection genes into a full-blown machine where passion meets purpose in a whole new way that makes your real dollars.

​If any of these symptoms feels like you, the longer you wait in the zone of hustle and spin, the less aligned you will feel. I'm all about keeping my energy protected and elevated. The choice YOU WILL EVENTUALLY HAVE TO MAKE is to be vulnerable enough to take the uncomfortable leap toward the next level of success...aka activating your articulated risk taking gene;)​

What makes you Magnetic?


You have developed a strong network. The connections you have makes you a solution finder & expert connector. 


Your commitment to being consitent in your efforts brings you valuable relationships, results and increased confidence.


You're not afraid to ask questions & be curious so that the service you provide is truly impactful. You listen & implement exactly what your clients need. 


Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey needs no introduction. What makes her a master connector like you is that she build her empire building connections with her audience and created spaces for conversation. She is best known for ‘The Oprah Winfrey Show’ as it was the highest-rated television program of its kind in history. Winfrey is also known as the ‘Queen of All Media’ and she is the richest African American of the 20th century.

Oprah has used her power of connection to create an empire worth over $3.2 Billion dollars (2021), making her the richest TV-host in the world. She has used her power for good, enriching the lives of millions of women around the world. She uses the power of connection in her life to elevate her next moves and surrounds herself with individuals who ignite her goals, “Surround yourself only with people who are going to take you higher,” -Oprah

She is resilient & is famous for taking her struggles and using them for good, to help others and becoming better. From child abuse, weight struggles and media backlash, she continually reinvented herself with service always in the forefront. One of her best known traits for success was becoming, "one" with her audience. Oprah had always compelled her audience to accept that she was one of them.

Just like you she is an incredible listener & learned to use her strengths as her greatest assets. What makes you alike is your ability to compel community into a safe and relatable space. You have the capability to shift change through group learning, community and irresistible programs that serve the masses. 


A Community Container
A Community Container like a membership, group program or live course, gives you the leadership, community and growth you deserve.

The benefits of creating a container that aligns community to your offers are that they allow you to have a large impact, create a forum for facilitation & make money leveraging the skills you do best.

It's all about stepping away from trading your time for dollars 1:1 (unless it's on your terms) and creating space for a format that allows you to grow with others and impact in a more controlled way.


Build A Magnetic Community

Time to put your inner connector to work and build that thriving community. Your onbrand service is a membership, mastermind or group program, anything that enables you to support your people to reach their potential.

When creating it, ensure you build in plenty of opportunities for not only you to serve your clients, but for them to learn and support each other through networking events, group coaching time and a purpose built community area like a Facebook group.

Your Quick Win Steps

MARKET RESEARCH is key for you. Ask your network what they want from a community with you , poll them on branding elements, ask them what would take it from a good experience to a stellar experience. 

Get clarity from your people all the way...that is who you are building it for after all and getting their feedback will make it all the more fruitful! 

Focus On Scaling From The Start​

Create it with scalability in mind, will you be able to support people in the way that you want with 10 people, 100 people, 1000 people in the container? Build for scale from the very beginning.

Hire people to support you and your community before you desperately need them. Don’t be scared to reach out…you have so many resources already. 
This gives you time to get them up to speed with your brand and how you do things. That way your clients will never experience a dip in quality.

Your Quick Win Steps

Remove as much friction as possible. When determining how potential members can enter, it needs to be as simple as possible. Is there a link you can share? Where are you promoting it? Remember that just because you may prefer a specific social channel but, it doesn’t mean your target members feel the same way. Distribute & diversify based on where they live online.

Set Boundaries And Stick To Them.​

Your brand DNA says that you are most likely to face hurdles when you're creating your offer. 

It’s all about the boundaries - create them, tell people about them & then stick to them. You are so community-hearted that you can be prone to sacrificing yourself for the good of others. 

Your Quick Win Steps

Be as transparent as possible in communication. What is the purpose of the community, and what are the expectations? How can you enter, and what does it look like when you get there? You will live in Google docs and spreadsheets, but you need to create this roadmap.

To Help, Ask Yourself These Questions:

  • Will it be open (public) or closed (private)?

  • How large of a community will this need to accommodate?

  • What do will the members to do here, and how will that need to be set up?

  • Do you need to create a space for small subsets within the community (micro-communities) paid/unpaid?

Feeling A Little Weirded Out As I’ve Got You Spot On? 

Let’s get you working smarter & start building the right niche offer into a money generating machine that attracts your dream clients. If you're ready to align to your Soul Desires and truly map out an offer for the long term then the Nourish Masterclass experience is for you. 
Enter a premier Marketing Strategy + Energetic Intelligence experience where you will learn how to harness your unique soul calling, magnetize clients and step into your magnetic voice. 

It's time to shift into your soul calling

Stepping into your true divine power requires you to move differently.

If you've been craving to meet your edges…

That growth that cannot come from another marketing tactic, strategy, content calendar or trend...

But, rather a movement from your soul, operating from a place of conviction, full embodiment and radical alignment to your core truths…

 A sense of knowing…

 A sense of being.

This is your time to unlock the missing piece, to unlock the power you have been feeling called to rediscover in your business and in your life.

In 90 Minutes, You'll Learn How To:
  • Step into pleasure over pressure, creating an intuitive, softer approach to help you call in & manifest our deepest desires

  • Call in your intuition, learning to allow, receive and notice the signs.

  • To develop your spiritual practice & deepen your relationship to your soul, source and your intuition.

  • Expand into the potency of the next version of your business, declaring what you want to be known for!

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