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Sign up for the premier woo worthy meditation box that helps you start calling in the opportunities you deserve & finally get out of your own way! Become a member with a Month-to-Month, 3-month, or 12-month subscription.

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Seasonal Delivery

Each quarter you receive a curated box to help you work with the natural energy of the season, elevating your meditation rituals & supporting your business growth. Surprising you each time with modern office essentials & meditation tools that get you amped to incorporate into your practices.

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Call in Your Opportunities

Time to tune in! Meditate, read the books, do the work, clear your space, get focused, get creative, find clarity and call in those amazing opportunities. Use the tools to elevate your self awareness & tune into what you need to get to your next level of growth and fulfillment. You’re ready to Seamlessly Call in Opportunities, Money and Clients to come to you!

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