Spring Meditation Box (Subscription only)


For Entrepreneurs ready to embrace the natural energy of Spring and begin to birth their ideas into fruition.

Spring promises new life, the creation and implementation of new ideas allowing you to step into a place of creativity The Spring Meditation Box will nurture your feminine side, helping you to embrace your season of growth and vibrancy.

Inside you will receive our Paddywax's Spanish Moss Candle, an Amethyst Stone Cluster, a Rose Golden Pen, The Soul-Sourced Entrepreneur Book, Green Design Works Notebook, Wildflower Seed Paper to ground your intentions plus a curated prayer for spring, affirmation card and meditation Spotify playlist.

Product Details
Spanish Moss Candle
Immerse yourself in the captivating scent of Paddywax's Spanish Moss Candle. A rich, beautifully-scented candle inspired by gardens & the deserts it transforms any space. Once finished, repurpose the elegant vessel into a unique planter for your favorite plant, adding natural beauty to any room. Handcrafted in Nashville, TN, this candle offers both fragrance and functionality in one stylish package.
Amethyst Stone
Experience the tranquil beauty of Amethyst. This captivating violet gemstone promotes inner harmony, spiritual insight, the crown chakra and emotional balance. Its soothing energy calms the mind and protects against negativity. Embrace the transformative power of Amethyst and discover serenity, wisdom, and personal growth. Measuring 2-3 inches in length.
Pen- Rose Golden 
Confidence Boost Pen is an heirloom quality favorite, made to inspire letter writing, thank you notes, and a return to the tradition of longhand. Easily refillable to stand the test of time.
The Soul-Sourced Entrepreneur 
This transformative book takes you on a journey to align your business with your soul's purpose. You'll learn how to tap into your inner wisdom and create a business that not only brings financial success but also fulfillment and joy. Whether you're starting a new venture or looking to infuse new life into your existing business
Textured Paper Twin Wire Notebook from Design Works is the perfect keepsake notebook ideal for capturing your thoughts & Ideas, creative inspiration or goals.
How Subscription Works:
All shipments are dispatched on the 15th of the upcoming month.

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