Sacred Brew Meditation Box


For the Entrepreneur ready to elevate their spirituality.

The Sacred Brew Meditation box is a collection designed to nourish, surrender to the universe & lean into trust and cultivate joy in every aspect of your life featuring Gabrielle Bernstein's best-selling book, "The Universe Has Your Back," as well as our Good Citizen Coffee products. This ensemble is designed to inspire and uplift your every moment with a curated prayer, Spotify meditation playlist and affirmations, whether its for you or selflessly gifted to another.

Product Details
Clear Quartz Crystal
Experience the captivating power of Clear Quartz Crystal. This remarkable gemstone radiates clarity, amplifies intentions & energy, attracts positivity and repels negativity. While mostly associated to the crown chakra, clear quartz enhances your spiritual practice, cleanses other crystals, and whatever your intention or purpose for meditating is, this crystal will amplify it and help you connect to higher consciousness. Typically, 2-3 inches long.
Ceramic Tumbler with Silicone Sleeve
This Good Citizen tumbler is a stylish and responsible solution to disposable cups. Made of durable ceramic with a removable matte protective silicone sleeve, this reusable, portable, and dishwasher safe tumbler will be your new favorite. 

Please Note: The ceramic tumbler and silicone sleeve are warm to the touch with a hot drink inside
Sugar cubes - Caramel
These small batch artisan coffee sugar cubes combine pure cane sugar and premium ingredients, enticing you to stir up a perfectly flavored craft cup of coffee. Developed in collaboration with BANG Candy, a Nashville-based sugar-peddler specializing in whimsical confections, each flavor is wonderfully unique. 

30 cubes 
Vegan friendly 
Ingredients: Light Brown Pure Cane Sugar, Vanilla Extract
Whole Bean Coffee - Up and At 'Em, 12 oz 
Need your own personal cheerleader to get through the day? We got you! Get out there and up & at 'em with this juicy and sweet Costa Rican and Ethiopian blend. A combination of two of our favorite fruity coffees, combining to coat your mouth like a hug. We all need a little motivation from time to time. Up & At 'Em tastes like kiwi and dark chocolate. .
Electric Frother from Good Citizen Coffee Co
You can make your own best latte with a rich, creamy forth in seconds with our handheld electric drink whisk. this small and efficient frother works on all types of milk. And, it's light and portable, so you can elevate your coffee wherever you go.

Powered by (2) AA batteries 
(not included) 
Stainless Steel Aesthetic Dark Teal Handle
The Universe Has Your Back
Experience the transformative power of "The Universe Has Your Back" by renowned author Gabrielle Bernstein. This New York Times best-selling book offers profound spiritual teachings and practical tools to help you overcome fear and embrace love. Through personal stories and insightful guidance, Gabrielle Bernstein shows you how to tap into the abundant support of the Universe and align with your true purpose. Whether you're seeking guidance, inspiration, or a deeper connection to the divine, "The Universe Has Your Back" is a captivating and empowering read that will uplift your spirit and transform your life.
All shipments are dispatched on the 15th of the upcoming month.

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