Gratitude Manifestation Box

This is for the Entrepreneur ready to cultivate a mindset of abundance and attract success.  This transformation bespoke manifestation box features premium products and practices to elevate your practice. We include a guided vision meditation, prayer of abundance & manifestation affirmations to call in your goals as well as a Spotify Meditation playlist.
Product Details
Where You Need To Be Gratitude Journal
Embrace gratitude and mindfulness with the DesignWorks Ink Gratitude Journal. Compact and portable, it features guided pages, a ribbon marker, and an included pen( black or golden). Experience daily thoughts, goals, and gratitude on the go.

4.5"" x 6.5"" 
Blue Vegan Leather Cover with Foil Art 196 Guided Interior Pages for Daily Thoughts, Goals, and Gratitude 
Ribbon Marker 
Printed with Soy Ink on Acid-Free Paper
Amethyst Crystal 
Experience the tranquil beauty of Amethyst. This captivating violet gemstone promotes inner harmony, peace of mind, spiritual insight, and emotional balance. Its soothing energy calms the mind and protects against negativity. It's strongly associated with the third eye chakra and relates to our ability to see the big picture and access our intuition. Clusters are between 2- 3 inches in length.
Ceramic Thumb Cup
Give your hand a hug with the Good Citizen Ceramic Thumb Cup. This ceramic cup is designed to fit alongside the Good Citizen Ceramic Pour Over Set and encourages you to slow down and find your zen while you brew by hand
Palo Santo Suede Candle
This hand-poured Paddy Wax soy candle is a multifunctional treat. Burn the cotton wick for the rich scent of Palo Santo suede and when it's finished you're left with a modern textured ceramic vessel that makes a lovely planter or a home for more candles (because you can never have too many, right?)  
White Sage Bundle. Ancient incense that is sustainably harvested, this fragrant smudge stick will smolder and fill your space with the resinous scent of Southern California’s high deserts.

All shipments are dispatched on the 15th of the upcoming month.

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