Drumroll... Your brand aligns to a

Trailblazing Leader


You're officially considered a tRAILBLAZing movement maker

Big Thinker + Change Maker + Manifestor​

You've Fearlessly Carved Your Path & Consistently Attract Clients & Money.. You're On Top Of Your Game And As An Articulated Risk Taker, You're Ready To Find That Next Level Of Success. ​

About the Trailblazing leader

If confidence was a badass business woman, she’d be you and you’re just getting started.

Your clients LOVE your work because you get them incredible results. You’re on the top of your business game, have poured your soul into your work, and finally seeing the rewards. 


The truth is you're ready for what's next.

The hamster wheel of hustle & constant content is getting old, you're ready for more time & freedom & more efficient alignment of how to bring in money.

The idea of elevating how you help others and building an offer (that makes you more $$$ while working less) sounds pretty appealing right now.

Did I nail it? If you're in the land of so/so, check out the other quiz results  & remember, these quizzes are not always magic.

Okay so onto more Trailblazer goodness...

Your Genius

You are part of an elite group of entrepreneurs who value results over $$ because you know that's where money is made.


The problem is that you're trading too much of your time for dollars and that leaves you feeling burned out. Not to mention the consistent content creation on IG / FB alike leaves you feeling frustrated & wanting more ROI on your efforts.

Last, you're ready to level up reoccurring, consistent income

But not 100% on what that looks like so you've been just keeping the lights on waiting for that sign of what feels right for your brand to come along.



That Choice being...

If any of this feels like you, the longer you wait spinning your wheels, the less aligned you will feel. The choice YOU WILL EVENTUALLY HAVE TO MAKE is to be vulnerable enough to take the uncomfortable leap toward the next level of success...aka activating your articulated risk taking gene;)​

What makes you Magnetic?


Results drive cashflow and your clients are your top priority.


Your clients see you as a leader, mentor & a person who can provide them with support.


Only the highest quality will do for you and it shows through your tenacity & attention to detail.


Your content lifts people up and elevates them to be more, in fact you inspire yourself to take it to the next level.

Hey there, I’m Kristine 

I genuinely believe I was put on this earth to show you that no matter where you are in life right or what you've been through, your abundance is waiting for you on the other side of fear.

But it took a lot of discomfort, pain, and hustle for me to get here.
I realized that all the rejection, the constant struggle, and the yearning for more was truly my REDIRECTION.


So, I did what any embodied CEO would do. I picked myself up, dusted myself off, and hustled hard to create this brand to help other ambitious women believe in their worth so they could scale their businesses to 6 figures and beyond. 


Whitney Wolfe

The founder of Bumble and billion dollar brand at 31 was the youngest woman to take her company public. What makes her a trailblazer like you is that she dares to be different. Taking the tech and dating industry by storm, she gave women their power in the dating scene. She's had her share of toxic relationships and was not one to settle, constantly reinventing and creating opportunities for women to take their power back.

She stands strong in her path & says, "I’m so happy to own our shortcomings, because that’s the only way we’re ever going to get better.”

She is resilient and has taken what was a traumatizing past and built a company to serve others. She's been where you are, working and grinding, knowing that she could shift behavior and results for those she served. She kept her vision larger than life & didn't let her past, current obstacles or her own inner voice hold her back from embracing the art of what's possible.

You have this capability within you and when you let the most positive intent shine into the expansion of your brand and how it can shift others into environments of growth, alignment & next level thinking you are unstoppable.


So what is your next sell out service? ​

The High-Ticket Mastermind​
A high-ticket mastermind is a format that allows you to scale your time, raise your prices, create a rich community of like-minded entrepreneurs, and facilitate impactful conversations surrounding a particular niche topic or framework.

The benefits of creating a mastermind are that they allow you to have a large impact, create a forum for facilitation & make more money by pricing at a higher price point.

It's all about stepping away from trading your time for dollars and creating space for a format that allows you to grow with more ease.


How To Build A Mastermind

Build your Mastermind Machine or High ticket Group program in a way that is scalable to you and meets the lifestyle you want to create. 

You are over spending countless hours one-on-one or DIFU services and a Mastermind creates that scalable opportunity you have been dreaming about. 

Your Quick Win Steps

  • Start by getting clear on what it is you want to create. What is the result you want to provide outside of the community for these individuals?

  • Identify your framework on how you will get them there and be sure to clarify what is included (this means benefits and not just features)

  • Identify the pain points and objections for this target customer.

  • Finally, determine the timeline that you will work with these individuals, how often you will meet and the format of each meeting to enable hot seats & group collaboration.

Making Your Content Work Harder With Pinterest

Learn how the power of Pinterest can be a viral machine working to sell out your programs on auto-pilot.

Your Quick Win Steps

  • Create a Business Pinterest Profile and organize your boards, carefully creating keywords specific to what your customers will search.

  • Begin to create pins that add value and link back to your website. Ensure that these pins are visually captivating, solve a mini-problem and keyword specific

  • Build your profile with the understanding that Pinterest is a search engine rather than a social media platform. This benefits you because people are searching for solutions and are primed to buy.

  • Ensure that you use both idea pins as well as static and video pins to maximize algorithm placement and visibility.

Combine Pinterest + Funnels​

Combine the power of Pinterest and build your new found funnel, building out irresistible lead magnets, your masterclasses, back-end offers and core offers, aka that new mastermind that will get you the ongoing income you have been waiting for so you can finally spend that time with family & start seeing consistent dollars deposited into your bank account

Your Quick Win Steps

  • Identify topics that your customers are craving. What are the problems they are dealing with daily and how can you be a tiny win-generator by creating blog or video content that is linked to Pinterest.

  • Begin to create lead magnets for your pins so that you can turn the viewer into an email subscriber.

  • Identify the pain points of your Pinterest browser so that you can create a customer journey with offers that appeal to your customer up the value ladder.

Feeling A Little Weirded Out As I’ve Got You Spot On? 

First thing first, I know that raising your prices is always intimidating at first. Check out the 10 minute High Ticket Pricing Secrets Video Series where you can learn the 3 secrets to raising your prices and building wealth sooner in your business through a mastermind.

High Ticket Pricing Secrets Training

Let’s get you working smarter & start building the right niche offer into a money generating machine that attracts your dream clients. P.S.I know that raising your prices is always intimidating at first. Check out the 10 minute High Ticket Pricing Secrets Video Series where you will learn the 3 secrets to raising your prices and building wealth sooner in your business through a mastermind.
In Just 10 Minutes, You'll Learn How To:
  • Raise your prices

  • Create a program that makes you incredible amounts of money without sacrificing impact

  • Change your mindset

  • Focus on three things that will skyrocket your ah-ha moments

Ready to work with a group of like-minded women & with me 1:1 to get to a new level of income & growth? 

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The Co-Creation Collective Mastermind

For those ready to catapult into building their mastermind & are serious about creating a six-figure offer NOW to maximize cash flow & recurring revenue, the Co-Creation Collective Mastermind is for you. Click below to book an Application Call.

Inside of the Co-Creation Collective Mastermind, I work with a small curated group of ambitious, like-minded women to build their high-ticket offers, sell with soul and create automated funnels that leverage the power of Pinterest. If you are ready to amplify your business & finally get to that entirely new level of income & growth, schedule an Application Call today.

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